What Do I Do If I Feel Like Comitting Suicide?


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cathi answered
Well you need to think about that, cause if you do that, you will hurt alot of people as well. But call your local suicide hotline. I wish you the best
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Lili Ram answered
Think of what 10 years from now could be like.there are ups and downs in life for everyone,even when it comes to feelings and thoughts.I have had a lot more downs than ups but i try to stay positive and if i need help,i go look for it because sometimes you need a little help to control yourself.Thin of the people that it will hurt,more than you will ever know.stay bless

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This time of year there is more stress than normal , Please call your local Mental Health Office and you can always call 1-800 numbers located in your phone book , you can just talk to them , they will just listen and try to help you .

I'm here for you as well  Hecsefer

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