Can You Have Ms Without Lesions On The Brain?


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The multiple sclerosis is a disease of central nervous system. In this disease, the myline sheath of neuron is lost. It start with optic neuritis and fever. Which is treated. The there is another attack and then disability starts. The MS patient may or may not have lesions in brain. The lesions are continue to grow and generate and degenerate. It is also possible that they are not present.
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Hi Hayseed,

Yes, it is possible to show a clear MRI and still have MS. That's how mine started in 1988. I had optic neuritis, having pain in my eye and losing the central vision in my right eye. It took 3 or 4 weeks, but I got my vision back, thank God. Have you had a lumbar puncture yet?

There are so many changes in the world of MS these days that they happen on a daily basis so please keep on top of this by doing your research and asking your neurologist any questions you can think of.

I also suggest that you visit Health Talk which is an absolutely wonderful site [[email protected]] where we all have one issue or another and are always there to lean on or be leaned on by others.

Also, please be aware of any possible changes, anything at all in your body in your vision, strength, tingling or numbness that doesn't seem right to you. It is absolutely imperative that you stay on top of this and get treatment as early as possible to stave off later disabilities.

Take good care and PLEASE do not hesitate to shout if you need to talk.


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