What Does A Baby's Yeast Infection Look Like?(pictures)


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Babies, not just women, can also get yeast infections because the fungus thrives in warm, moist environments. This can happen to babies when they have a diaper rash that goes untreated, which can also happen even if your baby is a boy. For pictures of a baby’s yeast infection, click on this link:

Yeast infections are very common in babies, mostly due to the fact that they have a lower immune system compared to adults. Their bottoms are also prime growing spots for just about any kind of infection, so they are extremely vulnerable. Their regular use of diapers that often become soaked makes them prone to yeast infections, which is why it’s important to constantly check their bottoms and keep them dry.

However, it’s still easy to prevent and treat yeast infection in babies. One of the things you can do is to fill up a warm bath, and add ¼ cup of sea salt into the water which should properly be dissolved before you let your baby soak in it. Let your baby play around in the water for about 10 minutes, which should be good enough to soothe the infected areas. If the infection persists, visit your doctor who will probably prescribe you with some anti-infection creams or ointments.

You can prevent yeast infections from happening again by ensuring you change their diapers often. It also helps greatly to let their bum air out for one or two minutes to keep it extra dry before you place another diaper on. Also, remember to give some air allowance when tightening your baby’s diaper, sometimes we forget that they don’t always have to be extra tight. Allowing ventilation in can help to keep it dry too. Follow these simple steps and you and your baby can prevent other infections in the future.
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The dry skin is not necessarily due to fungus. The yeast causes infection in mouth and vagina or where mucous is involved. The fungal infection on trunk that is part of body between neck and start of legs, is due to dermatophytes. The dry skin is usually due to seborrhic eczema. Ask your doctor for differential diagnosis.
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