How Do I Tell If It's The Chicken Pox Or Bug Bites?


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It's best if you go about identifying whether or not you have chicken pox, which starts by identifying the rash. A chicken pox rash will generally have a rash that resembles red and inflamed pimples. These spots will eventually blister and open. is able to offer you a photograph of chicken pox, but a Google search will provide you with many images to compare.

Then you need to check to see if the rash is spreading. New spots should appear after around four days, and old spots will turn into scabs. They will appear on the stomach, chest and back first, and then spread elsewhere. You should also check whether there is a fever. A slight fever is generally common with chicken pox. If it's your child in question then you should be able to tell if they have a fever. If not, then take your own temperature and see what you think. A higher fever, however, should cause more concern and you should get in touch with your doctor if you feel that your symptoms are particularly abnormal.

Are you tired? People suffering from chicken pox generally feel very fatigued and tired. They also tend to lose their appetite so this is of course one way of knowing whether or not you have pox.

You should also place the timing of your rash. You need to see whether any other people in the area have chicken pox. Given that it's highly contagious it usually spreads between children pretty quickly. People remain contagious until all of their spots have healed.

Place the timing of the rash. Find out if any other children locally have developed chicken pox. Chicken pox is usually very contagious a couple of days before you see spots. They remain contagious until all the spots are healed.

Of course, if you're feeling unsure then you should simply get in touch with your doctor who will be more than happy to see you and help you with your problem. They will be able to diagnose you and provide you with the medication you need to recover from your problem. And they'll tell you if they're bug bites!
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Chicken pox are quite large, fluid-filled blisters that burst and crust over. They generally cover most of the body rather than just the legs. They sound like insect bites to me. Anti-histamine medicine or a hydrocortisone cream will help with the itching. Perhaps hes been in a house where fleas are present?
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Because if it is a bug bite it can start anywhere but if it is chicken pox start on your back I am a doctor so I know
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Chicken pox is usually associated with a fever and all over blister like bumps that scab over when scratched. They can be few or many, but they are located on every part of the body. The thing to look for is the fever and general feel and mood of the child.
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The chicken pox can be differentiated from bug bites. The chicken pox is usually associated with fever and feeling of uncomfortable. The itching at lower leg with lumps can be due to tinea crurious which is a fungus.
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What you described sounds like flee bites, I was and unlucky person I had them twice.  Once at the of 6 and then again at the age of 16 and it was the worst thing ever.  I had the best way to describe them were like blisters everywhere, private area eye lids you name  it there they were.  104 temp for 2 weeks not eating just bad.  Please if you foud out anything let me know.
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Poison Ivy can also cause dots, not just a rash... Seen it on my friend's kids... That itches like crazy and could easily be what it was considering where he was.
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Over the past few days I've been getting random bug bite like welts all over my legs and arms. They keep popping up. At about 25 now. What do I do??
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Chicken Pox you get all over and masquto's only bite a few times. If you have more than 5 and haven't been out side much then it is probally chicken pox
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One day my daughter woke up with these bites on her legs and then the next day,they had like a bulls eye around them what kind of bug could that be ????

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