Could I Have Mosaic Turner Syndrome?


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The mosaic turner syndrome is genetical defect in which partial or total x chromosome is missing in girls. It has many typical symptoms. It can be diagnosed by a test called karyotype test. It is not necessary that you have this disease. Because your father is tall but mother is not tall or is hybrid tall. This combination can produce, pure tall, hybrid tall offspring. For your doubts go for karyotype test.
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I found out I have mosaic TS when I was 27.
I argueably don't have any of the outward symptoms that one might notice.

Ie I'm 5ft7, 34DDD and have had a regular period since I was 11 or so.

I have many petite friends who don't have TS and are smaller than their parents.

Genes on variation of normal human traits don't just come from your parents, but from all of their ancestors.
There were two people, a married couple who'd moved from their native african counrty to belgium or nederlands, and they had not one, but two blonde haired blue eyed children despite them having all typical african traits.
The children were not albino, and the parents concieved them naturally.

So all in all, it's not unreasonable to be concerned about yourself, but the chances are you have some nice variations going on.

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