What Causes An Odd Taste In The Throat & Mouth?


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wilbert u can call me sue Profile
When someones taste is off, as they say, it is often caused by a cold or flu which makes our mouths dry and often will alter taste.  If this persists, have it checked out by a doctor
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Joan answered
I recently went to the doctor because I would (off and on) get a very nasty taste.  The taste was awful.  It was not constant but would suddenly just show up during the day, several times a day.  I could not determine why it was happening nor could I say it was happening when I ate or when I drank.  It would just suddenly be there.  After running some tests it was determined that I had a very serious sinus infection that was waaaay back in my sinus cavity.  When the mucus escaped into my throat was when the taste would appear.  So, if any of this sounds familiar, check with your doctor and mention a chronic deep sinus infection.

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