My Height Is 5'2 Feet Only ,155 Cm , I Think It's Hurting My Confidence, What To Do?


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I was short for a long time... Was 155cm until my 18 birthday. I growed up in one year to 173 cm ! This is my actual high and I m 20 years old. Don't worry buddy.
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I'm 15 and I'm 152 cm long I went to a doctor who told me that I wouldn't grow anymore. So... It sucks but you should know there are people who are not even 155 cm!!!
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I love short people. Some of the best dates I have ever been on, went with short people. My whole family except my brother and I, are short. My Dad is only 5'2" and my Mom was only 5'4" tall and wore heels on her wedding day. My Mom was a Beautiful woman and sought after by all the guys at the Auto plant in Detroit, but she picked my Dad, because of his intelligence, sense of humor and creativity. Most short people including women that I know are real dynamo's. I call it the "Napoleon Syndrome". They seem to make up for what they lack in height, with their remarkable talent and humor. YOmay think you have little to offer[no pun intended]but I can tell you that height doesn't have a lot of bearing as to the quality of the person. You sound like a quality person. Be yourself and do what you do best, and people will look up to you, like they do my Dad.
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Don't worry I am 16 and same as you. I am only 155cm. I looked a lot internet for that. Anyway I started exercising.
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If you are beyond the height growth age i.e 18 for girls and 21 for boys, then it will not be possible for you to increase your height. However, in any case, you must understand the fact that it is a God gifted  thing and people cannot do anything about it. You should feel confident the way you are. Height doesn't matter, its the attitude that matters the most.
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Aicha is right. If you are older than that age, you really can't grow anymore. It doesn't matter who makes fun of your height, you are you and don't let anybody put you down because of that. Think of yourself as a convenient person, different from others at your age. You are the special one.
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So your 155cm tall. So what! Its whats in the inside that counts
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Some of the most popular celebrities are your height or shorter and they do not lack for success!

Mel Gibson 5'8"

Elton John 5'8"

Tom Cruise 5'7".

Emilio Estevez 5'7"

Dustin Hoffman 5'6

Elijah Wood 5'6"

Michael J. Fox 5'4"

Martin Scorsese 5'3

Prince 5'2-1/2

Dudley Moore 5'2"

And well,you are still 14.You will grow till you are 18, so don't worry.

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I'm 26 and same Height I don't mind it at all you can be tall and ugly or tall and horrible person doesn't matter the height is the inside that counts
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Improve yourself in other areas like arithmetic (5'2'' is 157.5 cm) and English ("What to do?" is not correct. Instead you should say "What should I do?"). This should help your confidence.

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