What Is The Difference Between Marfan Syndrome And Ehlers Danos Syndrome?


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The Marfan syndrome:

This is a connective tissue disorder due to a defected gene which control the structure of fibrilline 1 protein. There are many types of proteins which make connective tissues but the Marfan syndrome is linked with only fibrilline 1 protein.

Ehlers Danos Syndrome:

Ehlers Danos Syndrome is a group of genetical disorders and is characterized by loose joints and hyperelastic skin. The Ehlers Danos Syndrome is divide in to 6 groups.

So the major difference between these two disorders is the Marfan syndrome is related with only one gene problem which control fibrilline 1 protein while Ehlers Danos Syndrome is due to many genes abnormality leading loose joints and the skin.
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