What Do Black Spots Seen On A Liver Ultrasound Mean?


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If you have had a liver ultrasound scan and black spots were visible on it, you should have been explained what this means by the doctor who showed you the scan in the first place. The truth is, black spots is quite a vague description and without seeing the scan or being a trained doctor it is too difficult to know for sure.
Spots on the ultrasound scan most likely mean ‘masses’, which are areas of the liver that has abnormal growth or tissue that is not the same as the rest of the organ. There are three major types of benign liver growths that can be removed according to medical advise. The good news is primary liver cancer is very rare, that is to say cancer rarely originates in the liver.
Some tumours are best left alone and monitored for change, but others, such as adenomas have the tendency to rupture and become cancerous, which means your physician will advise removal. They are life threatening, but require no more than surgery to remove them, i.e. If not cancerous, further treatment such as chemotherapy is not yet required.
It is possible, although rare, that the spots could be a neuroendrocrine tumour, which is cancerous and will again require surgery to be removed. In any case, your doctor will advise the best case of action which could well be a simple biopsy and careful monitoring.
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It can not be told about your dark spot on your liver without further investigations. These spots can be cysts, tumors, infection, abscess or cancer. Further investigations are needed which can include follow up CT scan. Usually, spots on liver are benign or non cancerous. So, go for further investigations for proper diagnosis and treatment.
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It could mean several different things. The doctor should have explained it to you. The first things that come to mind are cirrhosis of the liver cancer or severe liver damage.
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It can not be told without looking at the CT scan radiographs that what this spot on liver is because it can be any thing like cancer, cyst, infection or benign lesion etc. Get advice from doctor.
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Since your Dr. Knows your situation and medical history better than anyone here does, I would talk to your Dr. And I'm sure he or she will explain in detail, what exactly the Black Spots on the Liver mean. I hope that it's nothing really serious and that you are feeling better really soon. Good Luck!

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