What Are The Symptoms Of A Bruised Liver?


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Diagnosing yourself with a bruised or inflamed liver is actually a very difficult task, as the liver is actually quite secretive when it comes to telling you that something isn't quite right. In fact, you could be walking around for years and years with a bruised or inflamed liver and have not one clue about it, and this is because your liver one of the most strong and tough organs in our bodies and can usually repair itself if slight damage or inflammation has occurred.

The liver will usually only start making you aware of its presence when it is damaged or not able to work as it should, and then, you may notice slight jaundice. This means the whites of your eyes may turn a yellowish shade, and the same goes for your skin, which will go a yellowish tinge, or very strong yellow in more serious cases.

You may even find that you bruise easily and have enlarged veins on your neck, and you may notice that your skin peels off more easily than usual. Together with this, you may feel itchy and generally unwell and down trodden, this is because the liver isn't able to do what it usually does: Rid your bodies of all bad chemicals and toxins. In simple terms, if your liver isn't working, your body's cleansing and cleaning processes will start to falter.

All of the above symptoms can be linked to other mild causes though, so please bear that in mind before diagnosing yourself, but if you have any doubt about your liver health, just visit your doctor. Your liver health can usually be tested with simple blood work, even if you're not experiencing any of the above symptoms. Just simply request a full blood count where your AST and ALT levels will be tested and these test your liver's function.

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