What Is High Creatinine In Liver?


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Creatinine is not produced in the liver, Creatine is. On average 50% of human creatine is produced in the liver and 50% comes from dietary sources (only available directly from meat although the 3 amino acids that make creatine are, which is why vegetarians can still make enough of the compound).
Creatine is then stored as phosphocreatine (or similar compound) in the muscle.
Creatinine is a compound created when creatine is used in the muscle during exertion and then the creatinine is excreted by the kidneys as no or little re-absorption takes place.
Low creatine levels are indicative of liver disease (although there may be other causes). Low creatinine levels is used as an indicator of liver failure.
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Creatinine is one of the metabolites of the body that is usually produced in the liver and then excreted via our kidneys. Usually, in the liver, low creatinine is thought to be of more significance because that shows that the metabolic reactions are not occurring in their full capacity in the liver and thus hinting towards liver disease. The liver is expected to have quite high amounts of creatinine because that is where the protein part from your food is broken down into useful energy and products like urea and creatinine that need to be eliminated from the body.
Some reasons why the liver might have high creatinine levels is a diet that has a lot of meat and meat products in it, late stage of muscular dystrophy, prerenal azotemia and Myasthenia gravis.
Elevated blood creatinine levels usually indicate kidney dysfunction or even kidney failure.

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