How Long Does It Take For The Swelling Of Your Stomach To Go Down After A Hysterectomy?


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I had hysterectomy and had the same problem, I consulted my doctor at the time and he identified that it was common, my solution was to stay away from foods that had a lot dairy products also ate a lot of soups.
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This is common problem after hysterectomy. The gases in stomach and constipation cause fullness in the stomach. This can be due to lack of walk or exercise. The recovery time after hysterectomy depends upon the type surgery. Usually it take six weeks for complete healing but some ladies recover after 3-4 months. For more details, visit hysterectomy.
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Hi - i am 6 mos post op abdominal hyst. My stomach is still big, swollen, etc. I have never had problem with fat on stomach before, but sure do now, it's frustrating. I';m probably not eating as good as should be but -please tell me swelling will go down. I have noticed I don't have the stamina use to have. I'm 47 and pretty good heath.
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I had an abdominal hysterectomy almost four weeks ago, please let me know if your swollen stomach and legs are back to normal
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My stomach is swollen for almost six months after the hysterstomy and fibroids. I was told that it's constipation but it's almost six months so it's possible or impossible.I walked lots but it does killing my back pain on my left side all the times.stomach is still very tender. I was told that there is nothing to related to the surgery about my back

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