Swelling Redness Pain 2 Days After A Bee Stung. What Can I Do?


4 Answers

terry rossignol Profile
terry rossignol answered
Take some benadryl you might be allergic to bees if it don't get better with the benadryl then go to the dr.
moodie madd Profile
moodie madd answered
It is possible you could be allergic to bees, which means you should probably see a doctor. Try putting some baking soda mixed with water on it!
Winter Profile
Winter answered
You should check to see if your doctor can fill you in. You may be allergenic. Put ice on it and try not to expose it that much, you shouldn't take any chances with something you aren't sure about.
jenny Plank Profile
jenny Plank answered
Don't listen to ppl who say your allergic there is a possiblity you r but I had redness and my hand was completly swollen from the 2-5 day I had the sting and I'm not allergic ice it so the swelling goes down, and take a warm bath and soak your foot in it to make it feel better

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