I Have Recurrent Pain In My Left Ankle. The Pain Subsides And Then Returns. The Pain Seems To Be Coming From The Joint, But I Have No Swelling Or Redness. Could This Be Arthritis Or Something Else?


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  My name is Nate and I have similar problems. I broke a vertebra (c-7) at the base of my neck in a motorcycle accident. I regularly have pain in that area, which replicates the symptoms of arthritis. There are a couple things I do to help with the discomfort. I take a shower and slowly turn up the heat while stretching, this helps me. Icy Hot is my other way of relief and I don't use tons. Hope you find this helpful.
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It could be just arthritis but I have also seen some abnormal things start out the at way  as well such as scar tissue can invade the joint and put pressure on other bones and cause the same symptoms

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