Why Do I Suffer From Sudden Shortness Of Breath And A Racing Heart?


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I say that you may be having anxiety/panic attacks...I suffered from them for many years.  I even suffered two while I was sound asleep...of course I awoke in a panic.  They would come out of  nowhere, when one would least expect it...shortness of breath and a racing heart rate and a peculiar feeling of panic would overcome me.  Go see a Dr.  Dear as there are medications to help
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I would say it sounds as if you are having panic/anxiety attack. Your doctor can give you medication that will help. No need to suffer, huh?
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One possible reason for this is, If when you have got up from the bed to fast, from lying position to sitting or standing position it can cause the same symptoms
any way if it is an on going symptoms, so it is always better to get checked at the clinic, but in most cases it would be nothing serious
hope you will be well
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You need to see a doctor immediately. You could have developed a heart problem such as a murmur. But since I'm not a doctor you need to see a doctor. There are too many things that cause these symptoms to hazard a guess of what could or could not be causing this. www.mayoclinic.com
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Um... YOU NEED TO GO HAVE YOURSELF CHECKED! Women's symptoms of having a heartattack is different from a man's symptoms. Do you think you might have sleep apnea?(not breathing during sleep). Don't let this go too long, it can be dangerous.
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No i don't have sleep apnea. I breath during sleep. But do you think a girl of 23 may develop heart disease?
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I think nascarnut has a valid answer. I suffer from panic/anxiety attacks and experience what you have described many times. There are good doctors and medicines to help control such anxiety attacks. Go to a doctor to make sure what exactly it is. Good Luck and take care
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You need to see a dr to rule out any heart problems. and at the same time have him run blood tests to see what is causing this.
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It could be more serious, get to a Doctor ASAP!!! Or got to the Emergency room!! Now!!!
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You can have asthma or bronkidous(don't know how to spell it:) There are a lot of different diseases than can affect the breathing of the human body.

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