I Have Been Being Awakened At Night Sometimes Up To 10 Times A Night Very Short Of Breath, Pulse Racing, Breathing Fast, Nearly Passing Out, Hands Get Numb Been To Hosp X2 No Answers. Have Had Several Heart Tests Done And Sleep Study Everyting Fine.?


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It sounds like it can be two things. Numb hands can be from low IRON, and if that is your situation that can be remedied by taking iron supplements and eating foods high in iron, like spinach, liver, seafood, beans, broccoli, asparagus, nuts, egg yolks, raisins....

As to the short of breath, pulse racing, breathing fast, that coulc be from low iodine, or an under or over active thyroid which is caused by low iodine in your body. For that you can take Iodoral which you can buy online. I take 2-4 Iodoral tablets daily to bring up my iodine levels, but when you first start, just start with one a day for a month then bring it up.

Generally doctors do not tell you that you need any iodine supplements and they will also not tell you that lack of iodine cause hyper/hypo thyroid, which can then turn into growing a goiter, and eventually shutting down your adrenal glands. This happens to your body when your thryroid is seeking iodine and cannot find it. It cause innumberable medical problems.

Since taking Iodoral my sensitve eyes have improved drastically, my mastalgia (painful breasts due to fibrocysts) has gone away, I sleep through the night instead of waking up 5 - 10 times, I am sleepy at a reasonable hour like about 10 pm instead of 12 or 1, I don't have brain fog and my memory is improving.

If you are interested in more about Iodine you can check out my daughters website.


She is NOT a doctor and all info on this site is information she has compiled from other websites. She also has "testimonies" on there about her own, her husband's, her mother's (me) and friends' stories about how taking iodine supplements are improving their medical condition. (We all have hypo/hyper thyroid issues ourselves)

She decided to do some studying online about goiters after she noticed her husband had one on his neck. The doctors recommended surgery to remove it and then to be placed on sythetic thyroid pills for life. I found online that over 80% of people who elect to have surgery to remove their thyroid DO NOT have any improvement. Instead they actually are worse off than before and regret having the surgery.

My son in law after much debate and discussion with his wife and myself decided to slowly try the alternatives my daughter learned about online. First was to take a tablespoon full of coconut butter whenever he felt like he was having a panic attack, which is similar to the symptoms you describe. A panic attack feels like a heart attack sometimes. Anyway, he started taking a tablespoon full of Extra Virgin Coconut Oil whenever he felt a panic attack coming on and started feeling better right away, as well as noticing that he didn't feel like he was choking or suffocating during the night, due to the pressure of the goiter on his neck and throat.

Extra Virgin Coconut Oil can purchased at any Health Food store. Don't buy this from Walmart and Trader Joe's doesn't carry it. You can also purchase it online.
After a while my son in law decided to start supplementing with iodine and noticed improvements again. His goiter started feeling like it was shrinking, which occured because his thryoid is not having to "sift" through his blood looking for iodine because he is making more of it available by adding it to his diet, thereby adding it into his blood stream.

This website has lots of info about your thyroid and there are videos of the thyroid functioning so you can see what it does to find iodine in your bloodstream. You will have to scroll about 1/3 of the way down the page and look to the extreme right side of the page where you will find the two videos:
"effects of thyroid disease" and "what causes thyroid disease"

this is another website that teaches about thyroids in way a child could understand it without all the doctor-speak which can oftern confuse a person.

You are in my prayers that God would show you what to do to improve your health. I hope you feel better soon.

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