My stomache hurts really bad right now and I'm pretty sure I just started my period is there anything I can do besides taking tons of pain killers?


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There are several ways you can help alleviate stomach pain caused by your period without taking lots of painkillers.

Different things work for different people so it's worth trying a few of these things out:

• Exercise. If you feel up to it, going for a brisk walk or even a jog can really help stomach pains and take your mind off them.

• Yoga. There are a few simple stretches that don't involve too much effort, I've found this one particularly useful and it also helps the back pain that can come with periods:


• A healthy diet. Include green vegetables and drink lots of water. Try to avoid caffeine, alcohol, dairy and soy products as these have all been linked to worsening period pains.

• Supplements. These are a natural alternative to taking lots of painkillers. Calcium, magnesium and potassium can be taken during your period or throughout the whole month.

• Herbal tea. There are lots of 'women's blend' teas which combine several herbs known to help, available in most health food shops and sometimes supermarkets. Chamomile and valerian are also good and can help soothe your mind as well.

If the pains get really unbearable, it's worth speaking to your doctor as they may be able to prescribe you something more effective than shop bought painkillers.

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