I Have Swollen Legs Due To Sunburn, What Can I Do To Cure This?


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If your limbs are swelling from sun exposure, it’s a pretty safe bet you have some level of sun poisoning.  Aloe plant or gel, Vinegar, Elevate, Hydrate, a bath with oatmeal, a milk and baking soda compress and elevation are all good places to start when attempting to treat this uncomfortable condition.   Be cautious as always and if the burn is server and the swelling is too much to bear, you will want to seek the advice of a medical professional. They can prescribe pain medication and a topical treatment to help with the swelling and the pain.

My all time favorite tip for any closed burns is vinegar.  There is something fundamentally soothing and refreshing when the vinegar hits the burned skin, much like a cucumber slice on your eyes at the spa.  Alternately you can soak cotton balls with the witch hazel and then apply softly to the skin.  Or take tea bags (black tea) and soak them in cool water then apply them to the skin, using the water they soaked in to apply with a compress such as cotton cloth because they are softer on the skin.  You can also try soaking in an oatmeal bath or applying compresses with a mixture of milk and baking soda to draw the heat out of the skin.

You want to elevate the areas that are swelling such as arms or legs. You also need to cool the skin and put moisture back into it.  Rehydrating is important so be sure to drink lots of fluids.

You can take over the counter pain medications such as aspirin for the swelling and the pain or you can buy over the counter sunburn pain gels to help relieve the pain temporarily. If you are suffering with sunburn swelling be sure to start treatment as soon as possible. Keep the area elevated and clean.
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Lift them - keep them up as much as you can, and get a good moisturiser with vitamin D, something with aloe is great. Keep applying every hour while the skins soaks it up.
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I feel your pain .... Aloe is great and the kind in the metal spray can works miracles!!!
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I have the same right now.. Thats why I'm lookin it up haha. What seems to be working for me is.. Cold showers ( brrr ) and I take motrin every so often to ease the swelling,
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Well have you heard of a liquid called witch hazel? Witch hazel has to always be cold and it can treat burns faster than aloe vera.... So I think you should try it!
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Take some aleve  use plenty of aloe vera....if it last longer than a week see a doctor -I am not a doctor see a doctor-you "may "be actually allergic to sun light if your having other symptoms headaches,blistering,swelling,chills ,general sick feeling..you may have polymorphous light eruption..I am not kidding ,some people do not realize they even have it.all they know is they react more to the sun's light/tanning beds/burn really easy...www.mayoclinic.com I am not a doctor see a doctor...
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Sounds weird but Noxema cools the burn.   Can't stand the smell but it feels good to get some relief.

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