I Woke Up And Had These Raised Red Bumps, Not Itchy Or Anything, Some Have Little Pustules On Top If They Are Broken Then They Become Sore. On My Torso, Some On My Butt None On My Arms, Legs Or Face, What Are They?


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Actually what it sounds like is friction from long periods of sitting, allergy to metal, and a mix of hormones. When my skin near my torso touches my belt buckle, hence rubbing it causes red bumps or almost boils. Especially occurs in warm weather when sweat can get trapped beneath a little muffin top.

Try to not wear such tight pants/shorts, stop wearing the belt and this should rectify the problem. You can receive rectify from the doctors, but if you continue wearing the belt it will not subside.
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If you have them on your stomach it is probably an allergic reaction. I would suggest that you start keeping a food journal. If they do not go away in about a week and a half you should see a doctor
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This sounds like the same thing I have. Only I have not had any on my face.

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