Two Dots Showed Up On My Arm One Morning. They Are About 1/2 An Inch Apart, Then They Turned Red Around The Dots And Swelled, Then Another Morning, The Same Thing Happened On My Tummy... What Is Biting Me?


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OKay, I am the one who asked the question.  Then, I called a friend who is a Dr.  He said to go to the Emergency Clinic right now!  He was afraid it could be a staff infection.  Many people come in with what they think is a bug bite and it is a staff infection.  Mine actually was a allergic reaction to a plant.  More dots showed up on my right arm and that was poison ivy.  Last night, the poison ivy spread to my other arm and my left eyelid.  OUCH!!!  I am now taking a steroid pack and an ointment from the Dr.

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