What Causes Extreme Nocturnal Itching? I Am Fine All Day Until I Change Clothes At Night. I Break Out Into A Rash And It Itches Severely! 


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If you're struggling with night-time itching, there are a number of possible causes I'd suggest you look out for.

If you're only experiencing the symptoms once you're in bed or in your pajamas- I'd suggest there's something about your bedroom environment or your bed clothes that are triggering the itching.

Here are a few theories on what that mystery trigger might be:

Night-time itchiness

The first thing to examine is your bed. Try washing all your bedding, and find some way to steam clean your mattress perhaps. Look out for any signs of pest infestation such as fleas or bedbugs.

If you've got any visible bite marks on your body, this'll be a sure give-away that you've got a pest problem. Bedbugs also leave small, black droppings around the place- so these are all things to look out for.

Mosquitoes are another nocturnal menace that might be giving you a reason to scratch.

Can't stop itching at night
If you've checked for pests thoroughly and haven't found any reason to suspect this as the cause of your itching - then the next thing to examine would be your bedding.

Perhaps there is a certain type of detergent you've started using to wash your sheets and bed-clothes with recently? Or there may be some sort of other chemical that has been introduced to your bedroom environment (air-freshener, insect repellent, etc...).

Anything that wasn't in your room before the itching started should be treated with suspicion - this includes rather innocuous things like house plants.

Finally, you could simply try moisturizing to make sure your skin isn't drying out and causing you to itch.

If all else fails, I'd recommend visiting a doctor to examine the possibility of conditions like eczema, or perhaps an allergy you may be suffering from.
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I believe you're allergic to the laundry detergent you're using, or the only other thing I can think of is that your skin could be dry. Try changing your detergent and using a lotion with Vaseline or something.

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