Can Shingles Kill You?


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I have shingles & have had them for 6 wks now.If you think it is a little rash,then you're very wrong my friend.
Let me tell you ,I have give birth to 5 children ,I have had back surgery,& a number of other happenings in my 64 yrs.But I can truthfully say that I'll take them all again before I would shingle.
When I get up in the morning ,I have to take Valacyclovir HCL for the virus itself,Gabapentin for the nerve pain,Predisone to help the other meds. Lidoderm patches for pain.I have sores where the rash started.I didn't know what it was in the beginning,& I scratch it.Therefore,causing the sores.I have a rash on my left breast that hurts worse than anything I've ever been through.The left side of my back feels like it is sunburned badly.The pain is sometimes so bad that I feel like I will have running fits.
My Dr.says don't put any lotion or creams on me.The virus is in the nerves not the skin itself.Any over the counter creams or whatever could aggravate the problem.A cool cloth feel pretty good.But my skin on the left side is so sore to the touch that I can hardly stand to be touched  with a cool clothe.
So the next time someone tells you that Shingles is just a little rash,tell them ,they don't know what they're talking about.
I've spent more on doctors & medicine in the late month ,than I have in the last 5 years.It's very expensive to treat Shingle.
My prayers go out to any poor sole that has them.
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It can if left untreated. My great grandfather had them and he did nothing and he passed because of it!!! So go get checked!!! Best of luck!!!
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I have shingles right now and have had it for 2 weeks but I read that it might cause a life long term of pain,itching,burning, and throbbing. It might kill you if left untreated.
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I am a male, 59 years old and I also have shingles. I agree with Aimee_xox. If you have never had shingles you have no idea how bad they can be. They are not a just simple rash. They can be very painfull. No topical lotion or cream can make them go away. The skin rash that shows up is a result of a nerve problem and I have them in 2 nerves. The worst is in my left arm. That nerve goes from my neck down to my thumb. That nerve has caused sever pain in my shoulder joint and the Doctor said it can last for days, weeks or ever years. Only time will tell. I am now taking the maximum dose of medication and that also causes a problem. I'm usually dizzy or disoriented most of the time. So no, it is not just a simple rash. My heart goes out to anyone that has them or will get them.
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I have just been diagnosed with Shingles after noticing circular lumps across my midrift and around to my back.I received medical advise that the shingles are not life threatening and they will disappear in time.Whilst the true cause is unknown they tend to appear in times of stress or as a result of someone who has chickenpox.(in my case) You will not die from shingles, however in some cases it can be very painful for a length of time.
Take it easy, and get plenty of rest that was the doctors advise.
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It can if not treated. And to the person who said its just a rash has never had it. It starts off like a pulled muscle.. And then forms the rash .. The whole time still feeling like you pulled your muscles.. I am starting zovirax. 800 mg 5 times daily
and ultram 50 mg
tomorrow hoping this pain and fatigue will go away along with the rash
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Shingles cannot kill you. it is a simple skin rash but is highly contagious. it is rarely caught more than once by any one person, similar to chicken pox.
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You my friend have very obviously not had shingles. Saying shingles is a mild skin rash is like saying a nuclear bomb is a firecracker. Shingles is NOT highly contagious although people with shingles can give someone chicken pox. Shingles is a highly concentrated form of the herpes(chicken pox) virus which stays in your body once you've had the chicken pox. It is not something you catch it's always in your body with the ability to return at any time.
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I got shingles now, I don't think it can but if you can get some calamine lotion and it should help xox

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