What Can You Tell Me About Shingles Of The Eyes?


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The shingles eye infection also known as Herpes Zoster is a term that refers to the chicken pox virus that recurs in a person in later years of life after a person has once suffered from chicken pox early in life. The onset of shingles can be a result of weakness to the immune system caused by old age, stress, poor nutrition, fatigue etc. The virus travels along the nerve fibres and affects isolated areas of the skin. The infected areas develop a sort of rash and can be accompanied by pain, itching, blisters, skin discolouration, numbness and permanent discolouration. Shingles spreads from the skin of the surrounding facial area and affects the lower or upper eye lids. This is a contagious disease that can spread through physical contact.
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If a person is in a car with someone who is later diagnosed with eye shingles,
can said person still get it?   Would handling the cane of infected person w/shingles
be considered a direct contact?
If yes, how long before the other person would show any signs of an outbreak and how long
would the outbreak last?
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I have Shingles in corner of right eye. The rash has just started to show up
around the right side of my nose. This morning I woke up and the rash is on
the left side of my nose. WILL THIS GO ON INTO THE LEFT EYE ?

Thank You

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