I Have Strong Urine Odor And It's Darker In Color..but I Don't Have An Infection.. Can You Tell Me What It Could Be?


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It really needs your doctor for diagnosis on this one as it could be one of many different problems ,which are treatable too so try not to be nervous and make that appointment as soon as take care
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Please, see a doctor.  I too, believe you're dehydrated, hence the dark urine.  Urine also tends to smell, the more concentrated it is.  Sometimes, what you eat, can also cause your urine to smell.  If you've been having problems with this since you were young, you need the expertise of a urologist.  Good luck, and feel better, soon 
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I agree... Definitely sounds like a lack of water. The sign of a healthy, well-hydrated person is light, clear, and odorless urine! Kidney Stone isn't necessarily the cause, though, like Harpo said get to a doc if you think that might be the case. Try drinking more water for even just a day or so, and you should see a noticeable difference... If not, it may be time for an exam!
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Thanks for your advice....but I have to let you know it would be impossible for me to be dehydrated, because all I do is drink water and the occasional sweet tea. I don't drink pop or cool-aids at all..not even coffee. I have since December of last year. So do you see my problem? I am pretty sure the coloring is from the vitamins I take but the smell is still puzzling me!
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well, it could be due to the things you eat or the tea you drink... sounds like you have a pretty healthy diet... vitamins could definitely cause coloring... and if its those yucky orange multi-vitamins, they may be causing the smell as well... if you're concerned, see your doctor :)
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Go to my shout and there is a great site from Cortney it is very helpful!!!! I too have kidney stones now since I was 21. They use to come every 2 years but now I get them 2-3 times a year!!! And they are no fun!!! I am going to ask for your friendship so we can talk!!! Right now I am trying to pass sand stones and have been for about 2 months now so I understand what you are going through!!! Lol rossi
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I was having chronic pain was in er 3 times within a year and finally did my homework..this man is from india and has dissolved kidney stones for the last 30 yrs good luck
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You need to visit a doctor first of all but if you don't want to I will suggest you drink a lots of water, 64 oz per day, 8 tall glasses of water per day.
You said you don't have and infection but that you had suffer from kidney problems, you might need an antibiotic or such but basically drink plenty of water specially in the morning and I know this will help you, when you have and odor or dark yellow urine means that you need a LOT OF WATER.
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You sound very dehydrated and take it from me it sounds like you have a kidney Stone dark color indicates some blood caused by a the stone moveing,don't panic OK if you don't have pain now you WILL! Get to a doctor OK let me know what happens!...pal Harpo. 

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