My Urine Is Dark Yellow, Has A Strong Odor And I Have To Go Frequent. What Could Be The Cause?


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Can be many causes for this - diet is one. Asparagus in particular can cause this. Also, a lack of hydration, which means urine will be very concentrated, can cause this. Are you drinking enough water? If this is a continuous condition and you are drinking enough water, it would be best to see a doctor, as this could be the result of kidney or liver dysfunction. If you are feeling otherwise healthy and this isn't a continual condition, I suggest it may be linked to diet/water intake.
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Try drinking a lot of water to start with. This should help - the more water you drink, the better colour your urine should be. Ideally your urine should be a clear pale yellow, almost the same colour as water, not bright yellow! Dark urine sounds quite nasty and if it smells bad too, I'm amazed you aren't in pain. It sounds as if you have a urine infection. You should SEE YOUR DOCTOR AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, because infections in your urine or bladder can spread very quickly to your kidneys, and you will sure as anything know all about it if that happens. And don't be worried about talking to your doctor about it, it's very common and he/she will see people with these kind of problems every day.
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Please can you tell my why my wee is a dark yellow   and smell too
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Your question is tells me that you may have a diet problem. The color and odor of urine is basically determined by one main component in urine. In healthy persons urine the main component is urea, which is a compound of ammonia. If you ever get a chance to smell a dead corpse or ammonium hydroxide in your lab (I personally hate both even after being a medical student!) you will experience the most drastic of smells. This is because of ammonium compounds broken by bacteria. In a human being this urea is filtered from the body fluids by the kidneys and removed in urine.

Coming to the smelly and colorful part, you may have a high protein diet. Proteins when broken down release a lot of ammonium compounds. Nothing to worry about, but drink lots of water and reduce your protein intake to make that smell and color go away. You may get your urine tested in a lab if this occurs to often as their may be other urinary tract infections or the signs of diabetes. Diabetic patients have frequently occurring odorous and dark color urine. So it's always wise to have a check-up.

Hope that answers your question.
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I've been told that I have bladder cancer/carcinoma.  I go thru periods of time when my urine smells like a strong fish smell but, yet is clear in color.  Can you explain why.?
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Are you drinking a lot of water daily. I  am a guy but I had the same problem and the doctor told me to drink lots of water because at the time I was drinking  a lot of sodas and juices. If you're going to drink sodas and juices, make sure you drink lots of water to help eliminate the substances. My sister used to tease me about the smell and call it "the gas station piss which is the piss that remains in the toilet all day unflushed." that is what it is. You need to drink lots of water.
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I have dark yellow color urine and the smell is not strong, but I also have a yellow discharge or white that is colored by urine?
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You need to drink a lot of more water and it will become a lot light or even clear.

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