Why Do I Have A Cold Feeling In My Chest?


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Without specifying if you have any further symptoms, it can be difficult to identify what the problem might be. Have you been suffering from this medical complaint for an extended period of time? If so, it’s unlikely that you will be battling with the common cold that results in excessive sneezing, coughing and temperature changes. It’s essential that if you feel unwell that you receive advice from your GP, or go into a walk-in centre for a full check-up on what the problem could be. Remember: It’s highly likely that once you have detailed all of the health complaints you currently have, the medical professionals in one of these centres would be able to resolve your fears accurately and with professionalism.

A cold feeling in the chest can be a suggestion of pneumonia, an illness which is caused when the lungs become infected. If you find that you are having trouble breathing, this medical problem could be a plausible explanation, especially considering the cold feeling in the chest that you have been experiencing. Fluid can sometimes gather around the lungs, and in addition to coughing fits and pains throughout your chest, you may find that you develop a fever in addition to the cold feeling you have described.

Another chest-related health problem can be bronchitis, where the lungs are affected in a slightly different way than to the symptoms reported with pneumonia. If a medical professional finds that the air passages leading into your lungs are inflamed, it’s likely that they will diagnose you with this medical problem. Whereas pneumonia tends to be a one-off issue, it’s possible that bronchitis sufferers will have repeated problems with this disease over extended periods of time.
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Me and my mom frequently both have coldness in our chests.
Mostly when were not feeling well or stressed out.
But ours is from several disorders called POTS, syncope,  neurally mediated hypotension, and Fibromyalgia. All of those are classified as dysautonomia; which is a malfunction of the autonomic nervous system that controls the things that your body does when your not thinking. Such as, blinking, vision, heart beat, blood pressure, lungs, pulse, circulation, and others. With this disorder we get many symptoms that come along with it. Some severe and some mild. However it is not life threatening, this disorder has put me in the ER several times for severe symptoms.

I do not think coldness in the chest is a big problem in my case. It could also have to do with my asthma and allergy season. If you are still worried you should probably contact your doctor.
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You get this sympton with TB as well.

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 Think it would be a good idea to go have a checkup with a doctor.
Maybe you have a blood circulation problem.
Have you been monitoring your blood pressure?
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Thank you for your answer. yes, i am on a diuretic for hbp. of course if i could lose some weight it would be better, but i have arthritis of knees. going into ortho again next month. i switched off of aleve to glucosomine recently. so i think you are spot on with this answer. Thanks again. Ann
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I can understand your arthritis problem. My wife has it also. 800 ml Ibuprofen helps her some, but her orthopedic doctor demands that she take it with a full glass of whole milk. He says it can damage the stomach lining and possibly cause ulcers.
I have heard that a combination of glucosamine and chondroitin help also, but it will take a few months to get into your system enough before you notice the improvement. So don't give up on it.
Lots of fruit and vegetables and less processed foods should help with the weight loss. Weight is certainly a problem when you can't do much. My wife has to watch everything she eats because of it.
It is so important to keep the blood pressure in check. You don't want to go having a stroke or heart attack. The coldness in your chest concerns me, although I am not a doctor, but have some family members with this condition.
Good luck to you, mam.
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If this has been going on for awhile I'd see a doctor there could be some underlying problem more serious.

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