Why Do I Get Sharp Pains Right Under My Chest In The Middle?


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If you are getting sharp pains right under you chest, and have no other physical condition, ie. Pregnancy, these could be anxiety.  Panic attacks are often accompanied by sharp pain in the chest, some get so severe, they will actually mimic a heart attack.  If the pain is accompanied with dizziness, numbness in your left arm and blurred vision, immediately take a couple of aspirin and head immediately to local emergency, as this is a heart attack.  The reason I say take a couple of aspirin, chew not just swallow is that this has been known to save many lives of heart attack patients.  The blood thinner in aspirin will thin the blood allowing it to flow through another artery helping prevent serious damage.  If these chest pains are bothersome and frequent, see you doctor right away and he can prescribe something, perhaps a mild anti anxiety like rivotrill which is very affective and can be taken in low dose, or as a prn, which means, as needed.  Like taking something for a headache.

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