Having A Headache Everyday In A Row For Over A Indicate A Medical Problem, Could It Be Related To Stress?


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It sounds like it could be about anything, but blood pressure changes will produce a dizziness when you bend down/stand up too quickly.  Some bad forms of sinusitis (infection of the sinuses) will also do that -- do you have allergies this time of the year? (They will also cause headaches -- above and in back of the eyes and around the eyebrow area).  I'm sure stress could have a part of it, too, if it were a constant thing.  Have you considered seeing a doctor to rule out anything serious?  RayOfLight mentioned 3 other reasons you might have a headache, and was right on in suggesting you would do well to see a doctor.
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There are a lot of reasons for headaches.  I have migraine and sinus headaches both and I also get dizzy and the pain really throbs when I bend over,  I would talk to your doctor just to makesure it is a headache and nothing else, ok?  But headaches are real painful and debilitating.  God bless and  feel better!
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Headache is condition due to many diseases. There might over 3000 reasons of headache. The symptoms which you are mentioning can be due to anemia or circulatory insufficiency or vertigo. It will be good to see a doctor for proper diagnosis and treatment.
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