My Friend Has Cancer And Her Eyes Look Sunken And She Looks So Sickly. How Can We Apply Eye Make Up To Help Her Look And Feel Better?


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Use a natural color liner and line top and bottom of lids. Use a light color shadow on eyelid with foundation or concealer on the crease in the back. Use Concealer to hide dark circles. Apply several layers of fresh mascara. Allow mascara on lashes to almost dry before applying next layer. This will maximize the look of the lashes, without having to wear false ones, if lashes have thinned, you might try the demi artificial lashes.
Blush or bronzer stroked on cheeks will really give a healthy glow. Stroke a little blush on forehead,, nose, neck and chin. This gives that just been in the sun glow. If you only do cheeks, it looks more fake. Experiment with different colors and styles and have some fun.
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Aw, I'm sorry about your friend. It's cute that you're trying to help her see she's still pretty. I would rub foundation underneath her eyes. I do that when I have black circles. Also put foundation on the top lids as a base and then use a light color as a shadow. Curl those eyelashes too that takes away the puffiness.
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I don't sleep a lot, so I have the dark circles too. Because my boyfriend snores like a banshee all morning long... I use a yellow concealer. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Maybelline "instant age rewind" its a thick cream in a lil squeeze tube. It is yellow, so it over compensates for the blue discolorations. It also has a lifting, tightening action. I can't praise it enough!!!!! Its reasonably priced... Use little dots, n pat, pat, pat until spread evenly, no kidding- sista, you won't ever use any thing else!! A little goes a long way, so the tube lasts for a long time. Make sure you get yellow, because the other looks kinda pastey. Lemmie know!
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Well one thing that you can do is to apply some eye shadow that contrast her eye color. Light for dark eyes and dark for light eyes. For the finishing touch apply some mascara. Don't forget to put some concealer.
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Well, apply dark shades on her eyes and try to raise her eye look with the aid of black or blue eye liner. They will give good and sharp effect to her eyes. Be careful in choosing eye shades color for her as she has sunken eyes so she needs little dark colors.
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You shouldn't care what she looks like...if you are really her friend then you should want to help find a cancer cure and just let her know you're there for her.  But if you really care that much, and you think it will help her, then try drawing white lines around the bottoms of her eyes, and smudge it. Then apply a little blush to different parts of her face. Pale gold eye-shadow will give her eyes a "pop"!

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