Can You Catch Pink Eye From Looking Into Someones Eyes That Has It?


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I got this paragraph from a website just now- the answer is NO  You can catch pink eye very easily, through hand contact or sharing makeup, towels, bed linens and contact lenses. The infection spreads quickly among children who may rub their eyes, then come into contact with another child
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No way,you can only catch it if say they typed on the computer then you used the keys.anything they touch (touch) and is not sterilized after they did ,yes you can get eye is very contagiuos my daughter works and gets it all the time.if using a computer others use make sure you sterilize the key board.because pink eye goes around at work where people use pc's as there job but you can not get it by looking at her/his eye
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I'm right, through hand contact. If you touch something that someone with pink eye touched, then rub your eyes you can get it. Anything, including keyboards.
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You can get pink eye several ways. One, through touch, when someone with pink eye touches an object, and you do too, then rub you face area and eyes. You can also get pink eye from saliva, when a person sneezes, if some of their spit enters your eyes (even if you don't know), or from someone coughing around you. Best thing to avoid it, would be to wash your hands with anti bacteria soap often, and sanitize your work area. I just caught it, and I'm trying to make sure my 2 year old daughter doesnt catch it. I'm constantly cleaning. You can also get it from bedsheets, as with pink eye, your eyes continually water. So if someone sleeping beside you shared your pillow, they have a great chance at catching it. Hope this helps.
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  • No.
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That is the funniest thing I have ever heard it is spread by touch.... Like touching an infected surface and then touching your eye.
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Yes that is why they said don't go by people with pink eye and they can't go to school with one.

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