A 63-year-old International Telecommunications Executive Visits Your Office With Complaints Of A High Fever. The Fever Is Not Constant, But Intermittent. Then Can You Answer My Following Questions?


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Kathy Castillo answered
1. I would ask the patient if anyone in his family has experienced similar symptoms, then I would ask him to explain all of the symptoms in detail and ask him to say how long they last.
2. I may suspect fibromyalgia or hypocalcemia caused by lack of calcium in the body.
3. Probably eukaryotic and antibiotics would only work if this was an infection. Antibiotics would not cure fibromyalgia or hypocalcemia.
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Tina answered
I would wonder if he has been out of the country and what seems to trigger these spells for him, I suffer from Fibromyalgia, and although I have severe pain with mine and sweats, I have never ran a fever from it.

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