I Have The Worst Flu Of My Life, But No Fever, Could It Be Hiv? I Had Unprotected Sex A Month Ago, And This Is The Worst Flu Ive Ever Had, But No Fever Or Swollen Glands?


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The short answer is no. HIV impedes the body's immune system and therefore, symptoms and illnesses like those you describe often manifest because of the body's inability to protect against these infections and illnesses in general.

Thus, when the body cannot protect itself, it's fair to say that something as seemingly insignificant as a common cold virus can be VERY dangerous.

Hope this info helps.
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If you're seriously doubting. GO to a doctor!! The sooner the better.
That's my only advice. Better do it than don't. If it's nothing it's nothing, if it is HIV, it's good you got there early!
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I had anal sex with some stranger 3 weeks ago, I used a condom but it almost slipped of when we were done. 3 days later, I started having mild chills which wont go away. Am not feeling sick and am having this funny-bitter taste in mouth. Am so scared too.
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Actually HIV, especially the early acute infection, can directly cause flu-like symptoms (in most people with these symptoms it is actually due to the flu virus, or some virus other than HIV). Later stages can also involve swollen lymph nodes, diarrhea, etc. However the HIV, while it weakens the immune system to a variety of illnesses uncommon to healthy people, has very little to do with common colds and flu.
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Some people do get flu-like symptoms quite early, so there is a possibility of HIV, but it could be so many other things too. If you go to this list of symptoms there is also a list of early ones, and you can compare these symptoms with your own. If you're still worried, you should arrange for a blood test as soon as possible. All the best.
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Your condition is definitely not points out to you having aids or HIV positive.Please do not worry since the effects of aids does not appear that quickly,it might be some other infection.

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