Is there such a thing as a liver transplant? If so, why are there people living with cirrhosis of the liver? Also should a known alcoholic be allowed to have a transplant if there is such a thing?


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The liver can heal itself unless too much damage is done, then they need a transplant, from a live donor ( and only part of his liver is taken), or a dead donor.
My kidney transplant came from a dead 29yr old, I got one, guy down the hall got the other, it's been 7yrs and we both are still cranking.
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John commented
What about a known alcoholics getting one
Gene wright
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He gots the bread? Let him have it if it matches him at that time.
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Because healthy transplantable livers are like good hearts, extremely rare and there are more donees than donors out here and its supply and demand out here again
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Arthur Wright
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Not a good candidate to receive or donate so they usually lose out here as if they did, they would just destroy another one so good ones go to people who need and deserve it
Karen commented
I agree...good answer.....pure waste of time to give it to a drunk!!.......just will happen all over again....never known a case where the person STOPPED drinking to get a new liver. Ha
Arthur Wright
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Exactly and thanks
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My friends son was born with defective kidneys. By the time he was 5, he was on dialysis. He had to wait 10 years for a child with the correct match to die. That child was a 2yo boy… my friends sons growth had been severely stunted due to the kidney failure (this is common) and with the new kidney, although he had to be extremely careful not to “over stress” the kidney, the new kidney and my friends son could grow together. My friends son now blossomed and at the age of 21 was of near normal height for his age.

My father was also a renal patient. His kidneys failed at 45yo. In 5 years he had 3 transplants (none were successful). All 3 kidneys came from young men killed due to road accidents. A fellow patient received a successful transplant from a young man with buy generic rapacan, but unbeknownst to the hospital the donor was suffering from undiagnosed leukaemia. Not only did the leukaemia kill the fellow patient, but also the patients who received his other kidney, his liver, his pancreas and his heart.

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I agree. And yes, there are liver transplants but you have to have the same blood type as the donor or a universal blood type like O. And livers grow back anyways, so why should it matter?! :)
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Mandy Clark
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The way i said that sounds weird. If the donor is alive, they only give half their liver. You can't live without one! But the other half will grow back in both people eventually

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