What Is Bloat?


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Bloat is a medical condition of the stomach. It is a condition in which the stomach becomes distended because of the presence of excess gas within the stomach chamber. It can be a painful and very bothersome condition for the patient.  Many doctors and medical professionals refer to it as gastric dilatation-volvulus. Bloating usually occurs when there is a situation where the esophagus closes off and does not allow gas to escape from inside the stomach. As the gas builds up, the stomach becomes more and more distended and the patient feels more and more pain.  With bloating, the patient is unable to burp, vomit, or pass gas.  It is a very uncomfortable feeling.
Bloating can be caused by many factors. Eating a diet high is fat and grease can lead to bloating. Overeating or endulging can also cause an onset of bloating. Stress and emotions are yet another factor than can contribute to bloating.
Bloating can be remedied by various forms of antacid medications such as Immodium and Pepsid. However, these medications should provide the patient with relief within a day or so. If not, then the assistance of a medical profession should be sought.
Bloating is often seen more commonly in females. Many females will experience bloating symptoms during their menstruation cycles. Nevertheless, men are also prone to get bloating symptoms, especially if they eat a lot of unhealthy foods.
Eating a healthy diet, exercising daily, and eliminating stress from one’s active life can greatly reduce the chances of one getting bloated. If you experience bloating on a constant and recurrent basis, then you may want to seek the advice of a doctor in order to rule out any further gastric complications.
Bloating can occur in men, women, children, and even in animals.
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Bloat is a condition in which excessive gas in the stomach make it overstretch. It is also called gastric torsion. It can affect ruminants  but more common in dogs. In dogs, it can be due to twisting of the stomach which prevent gas from escaping. For more details, visit Bloat.
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Excessive accumulation of gases in the rumen of an animal.

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