What Is The Treatment For Superior Patella Osteophytes?


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Superior dislocation of the patella is an uncommon condition that mainly occurs in knees with a high patella and medial femorotibial degenerative arthritis. Patients with this condition often have a high patella and degenerative disease of the femoropatellar joint with osteophytes, however it is believed that superior patella osteophytes is rare.

Treatment for superior patella osteophytes or dislocation of the patella usually consists of local anesthesia and manipulation of the kneecap to unblock the osteophytes. However, in cases where the dislocation is recurrent, surgery is often deemed as the solution. This involves arthroscopic debridement with removal of the osteophytes and chondral smoothing. Other experts support alternative treatment such as conservative management, which has been proposed as successful even in cases where dislocation of the patella is recurrent.

The reason behind the root of superior dislocation seems to be caused by the forced contraction of the quadriceps, which is resulted with or without hyperextension of the knee. Patellar dislocations are classified as intra-articular, which consists of rotation on the axial or vertical axis, or extra-articular, which can involve associated tendon rupture in addition to rotation. In the reported cases of recurrent dislocation, the following risk factors have been described: High patella, ligament laxity, neurological alterations (paralysis), and previous severe genu recurvatum.

Additionally, Osteophytes is the medical term for the overgrowth of bone tissue more commonly called ‘bone spurs’. Osteophytes are formed by the body for the purpose of limiting or stopping motion in a deteriorating joint that becomes too loose. Since degenerative joint conditions are characteristic of athletes and the aged, osteophytes are common in those with sports related injuries or arthritis. In fact, osteophytes often cause arthritis, as well as a condition called spinal stenosis. Other factors in the development of osteophytes include bone deformations, fractures, hereditary factors and poor posture.
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Osteophyte is a projection of bone, usually shape like a rose thorn an occurs at sites of cartilage degeneration or destruction near joints and inter vertebral discs. The osteophyte at superior patella is removed surgically.

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