What Can I Do About The Headaches I Have Everyday?


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Probably the first thing is to try and find out the cause. Headaches can be caused by all kinds of things including eye trouble, change of diet and stress. I remember developing severe headaches once, just because I'd switched to a stronger brand of coffee! If  you click here you can find out about the different types  of headache, see which one matches your symptoms and then, if you can get an idea about the cause, hopefully you may be able to find a remedy.
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This sounds do familiar to me! I had the same problem, all the sudden I started having headaches about a couple years ago when my doctor gave me st scans and an mri only to find that I have a mixture of different headaches. Migrane, cluster, and stress. I currently take a medications called elavil which has tremendously helped! Ask your doctor about different medications to control your headaches because eventually the ibprofen isint going to work anymore. What helps for pain is lavender oil try it it may work.
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Welll did you see the difference
do you know any thing else I can take because I have the same and my doctor said that I have anxiety because I always stress  and so I get anxiety
I have tried ibepufen and I still feel the same
please some one help what shall I do ?
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Headaches are almost always curable with medicines and aspirins. But if none of these medications work and you want to try a more natural way. Check this site out:http:/www.yuenmethod.com

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