How Do I Get Rid Of An Urinary Tract Infection Naturally?


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You can take Cranberry capsules for nuetralising the acid in your urine, garlic capsules for infection, drink a lot of water, green tea. Probiotics are great but make sure you find some refrigerated (herb store). These items are food, take a lot of them, they won't hurt you and it will go away fast.
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Lots and lots of water. Lots of cranberry juice--not the cranberry cocktail.
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Trying to Cure a UTI with cranberry juice is a JOKE.
common sense tells you GO TO THE DR because left untreated you can end up with a kidney infection and septic!
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Drinking lots of water, drinking cranberry juice, drinking tea, eating lots of yogurt for the good bacteria in it, and if you don't like yogurt you can buy probiotics at the pharmacy, it's just a pill form of good bacteria. You need to avoid carbonated drinks!

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