Can Cysts In The Nasal Sinus Cavity Cause Infection Of The Upper Gums?


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If left untreated as it is located directly above the roof of the mouth and upper gums I sure would say it is a possibility as well as the eye's and ears. It could spread very easily. I had a similar situation and that is what happened to me. The presence of the cyst I would also associate with the infection and restate your comment as having the cyst which are the infection were present you just were not aware of the issue until the cyst were discovered.
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Thanks CountVak for your answer. However I did notice the infection before the cysts were found, thats why I went to my ENT, because I have dealt with this before in a similar situation and felt like something had to be going on. His cat scan proved me correct. I appreciate you answering me I need all the help I can get because this is killing me.
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I've had similar problems and have went to doctors for about 40 years and where I told them the problem base was, the Doctors would never listen. I had a football sized one removed about 5 years ago now from the base of my tail-bone. I suddenly developed one at the base of my skull where it connects to the spine. I asked the surgeon if it was related as to me it was. She swore that it was impossible. 5 years later, I was right. I never found one doctor that would even listen to me. I know my body and when they say I'm crazy? I say if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck and looks like a duck, don't tell me its a cat! lol

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