I have very hard mucus on my nasal cavity. Very painful and sometimes smells like if something died in my nose. It is not related to me having a cold. I have this all year round. All the time. Have had this problem for years and its getting worse?


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It sounds to me like you have an infection, but this isn't an ordinary infection. Normally your body is covered with trillions of bacteria that are good for you, because they keep the bad bacteria from growing on you. However it sounds to me like some "bad bacteria" (most probably either streptococcus or staphylococcus) have taken over your sinus cavity. This would be responsible for the pain, the bad smell, the "hard" mucous, and why its there 24/7. If this is what is causing your problem then you are going to need some serious antibiotics and some patience because it won't be a short treatment. Talk to your doctor about what I mentioned up above and get tested so that it can be treated.

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