What Causes Stress Among The Youth?


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There are many stressors among our youth. Some are good but most of them are bad. Some of the goo stressors include positive excitement - meeting your boy/girl friends, getting to know new friends ect. The bad stress include losing a boy/girl friend, quarrelling with parents or boy/girl friends, losing a loved one by death etc. Most youth encounter stress at school and at work. Stress at school can be very dangerous and can cause pupils to perform badly at exams, shy away from challenges and they may not enjoy socializing. A parent who does not allow a child to have a certain level of liberty is actually exposing the child to life full of stress. When a child feel he or she cannot do some thing exciting or even make a mistake this causes the child to go nuts as the youth would say. Even at school when a parent pressures a child to attain very high grades, this child will get overly stressed especially if he is trying his best. Some student try but they are more practical than academical.
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There causes of stress among the youth are just too many in number. In terms of youth and their peer group, things like relationship and their dynamic nature can be a tough hassle to deal with. There is also the need for conformity; in terms of doing what the peer group thinks is right or acting / behaving the way the peer group does. All of which happens out of a fear of isolation. While talking about family, demands that are put on the youth by their parent are often seen as the cause of very grave problems. Parents often expect their ward to do extremely well in studies and when this doesn't happen the children are more gravely affected than their parents. Constantly living up to parents' expectations about various things definitely takes a toll on the youngster's health. Other things like 'generation gap' which is manifesting itself now more than ever is also a very big factor.
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Thinking about career, friends issue, changes in life, not meeting with their expectations are some reason that cause stress in youth.

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