Does Stress Cause Vertigo?


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Vertigo is a problem within your ear that leads to dizziness, nausea, the feeling of being unsteady, headaches, blurred vision and high perspiration. The sufferer will feel like they are moving when they are not and this can make them feel very ill and also concerned about what is going on around them. It feels like a much more severe version of when you are drunk and the world around you seems to be 'spinning'.

The illness can be caused by quite a few health issues. Some of the health issues that can contribute to vertigo are migraines, multiple sclerosis, severe motion sickness, Ménière's disease (hearing loss) and vestibular neuritis, which is a severe ear infection. 

Once diagnosed, it can be treated by antihistamines or by Epley Manoeuvre. This manoeuvre is done by a doctor or physical therapist and involves moving the sufferer in the way of therapy to clear the ears so they it does not impair the brain.

Approximately 5 per cent to 10 per cent percent of the population suffer from vertigo at some point in their life.

Symptoms can last from a matter of days to months but once you have been diagnosed, and are having treatment, they should start to clear up quickly. Most people find that they go away within a few weeks but it is know that the symptoms can return if a person has not fully recovered and are under stress or become run down during their recovery period. You will need to seek medical advice again and then take the treatment to some advice is to keep yourself healthy and away from stress while you are recovering and in the period after your treatment.
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Yes.But I should tell you that stress is a normal physical response to some things. When you feel a threat, your nervous system responds by releasing a fiood of stress.Your heart pounds faeter,blood pressure rises,breath quicken,and feel vertigo.
Although stress is a  normal physical response,it is harm for your body.So you spend some time to take action to bring your nervous system back into balance.For example,you can take a deep breathing ,or you can take a promenade and so on.
And stress isn't always bad.It can help you perform under pressure to your best.It helps you stay inded,energetic,and alert.
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There are many reasons can cause vertigo and I also have some experience.During that time I have watched a lot of  books on vertigo.First,this ailment  which usually see in youngster caused by some ear disease.second,if you are too tired,you may also get it happened.Third,if someone is sensitivity to shake,he may get it happened when he go to somewhere by bus.But please don't worry about it.this just a small illness,what you need to do is having a lot of rest.The symptoms will completely go away in one or two days.If you don't fell well,you can take some medicine.And if you stomach doesn't fell well at the same time just like vomiting,you must easy the symptom at first.
Wish you be OK as soon as possible!

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I have Vertigo for 5 days now and have seen no improvement yet. I was admitted to hospital twice this week but the doctors have now told me they can't help me and that it will go away by itself eventually but when is the question. The presribed medicine doesn't work, I can't drive, I can't walk hospital or do anything other than sit still or lay still in my bed. This is dreadful and I hope it will go away soon. The minute I mov my head I get so dizzy. The exercises reccomended by the doctors only made me feel more dizzy.
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I had symptoms off vertigo for almost 3 weeks it would go away alittle and then id feel the same symptoms again over and over again for a few weeks. Ive been really stressed and overwhelmed can that be the cause also been animic.

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