I'm 19, If I'm HIV +, How Long Can I Live?


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This question is hard to answer as there are so many variables, years ago HIV was pretty much considered a death sentence as it without doubt would lead to fully developed AIDS. There are many issues that need to be taken into account and yet you still will only get a guess for an average age. These include socioeconomic factors, which country you live in, income, lifestyle, alcohol, drugs, tobacco, exercise and diet as well as access to healthcare. Also exposure to other infections like hepatitis, genetics and not forgetting chance, good or bad luck. Some people can live indefinitely with HIV so long as they take their drugs and maintain their health in other ways. Some people develop AIDS despite all treatment and die much sooner. If you talk to your doctor to find out the details they can develop a treatment protocol that's suited to the person who is suffering, depending on their age, physical fitness and general health.
Recent research studies indicate that people live on average 24 years after being diagnosed with HIV. Please consider that the medical care you receive has a large impact on longevity. Without using HIV treatment, life expectancy is related to how quickly your CD4 count drops and how low it gets. Without treatment, some people can die within a few years of infection, while other can survive for five to 10 years or longer before they need treatment.
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Everybody immune system is different. You can live longer than 20 years if you take good antioxidants like with food which contain selenium, amino acids like glut-amine etc... Which become depleted in the body of an HIV person.
Worries kills people. As long as the CD4 IS KEPT ABOVE 400 and viral load kept as low as possible you can live with the virus and not get AIDS.
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No, you need medical treatment no matter how is your T-CEL count. I believe the earlier the better. More in this time when we have so many medications that work again HIV virus and fewer side effects. If you can get the right treatment you can live much longer. But you need to get the right nutrition, exercises and sleep a average 7-8 hours. Also don't use drug, alcohol, or smoke. I found out in 1993 that I have AIDS( 175 T-CELL and KS). I started meds after that; montherapy then duo therapy, the first PI. That made me resistant to every class of drugs( those were the dark ages of HIV, not many options). But I keep my positive attitude and right now my T-CELL is 780 and undetectable. I look better that 1993 when I was 32. Now I'm 48 and I look like I'm 38.
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Since the virus has only been known about since the early 80's, it is very hard to speculate how long some people can live with the virus in their body and be nonreactive! The important thing is to have blood work done every 6 months or less to keep an eye on your counts so that you can have early prevention to keep the virus in check!
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Someone that's HIV positive has the same life expectancy as any other person. I find over that past 35 year the only progress that has been made is that when people are given a pseudo hiv diagnosis they are just prescribing smaller doses of all of these meds.  The reality that needs to be faced is that "HIV/ AIDS" isn't killing individuals.  Kidney failure, liver failure, dementia, cancers, Kaposi's Sarcoma, PCP pneumonia (caused by inhaling poppers)  are conditions caused by taking chemotherapy retroviral drugs (which destroy your cells). Couple these things with recreational drugs and drinking alcohol and you will die.  How many cancer patients take chemotherapy every single day? People need to stop brushing drug use/ abuse under the rug along with the use of prescribed drugs as being the culprit for people dying.  As someone mentioned above, proper nutrition, adequate sleep, reduced stress are all that's needed for individuals to become healthy. Doctors are great individuals, however they aren't scientists. The bottom line is that there is no financial gain in promoting nutrition verses high dollar medication.
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Thus the reason why you should not have unprotected sex...Go get a test... Thats the only way to know for sure and if it comes back neg keep going every month for about 6 months cause sometimes it takes a while to show up... My prayers are with you that you don't have it...Take care and God bless...
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Infected by my partner in December of 1995 and diagnosed in March of 2000 I am still alive WITHOUT EVER taking the poison the Doctors insisted I needed to live. From 1998 to April 10th of 2011 I was a very heavy meth user which put my body thru hell and I am still alive. I have no health issues that can be directly linked to being HIV+.
I believe the Medical Industrial Complex wishes to have patients locked into a lifelong dependency of their products like teats to suckle money through.
Don't be a teat and don't  take their poison-I am living proof you don't die from this.
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I am twentyone and I had sexual intercourse with ten guys without protection from the age of forteen and now I am very afraid that I may have HIV although I have changed my life around. What do you suggest that I do.
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Without treatment, about 9 out of every 10 persons with HIV will progress to AIDS after 10–15 years. Many progress much sooner.Even after HIV has progressed to diagnosable AIDS, the average survival time with antiretroviral therapy is estimated to be more than 5 years.Without antiretroviral therapy, death normally occurs within a year..
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Hi I got ill in 1986 and have felt unwell off and on since ..its 2010 but I still read the symptoms and I have some of them , bot no scabs or spots I have never been with a male but was playing around a lot then. I have not lost any weight and have not been tested or take meds. Is it possible that I have another illness that appears in part to look like HIV
No worries my dear...as long as you didn't engage in intercourse  with this guy...I would suggest that you both get tested A.S.A.P...♥Nassy
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Do what kymm suggested and please respect yourself in the future.  You only have one life you really do not want to worry about diseases like hiv if you keep going out and have unprotected sex.  I will be thinking and praying for you.  Keep your chin up :))
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You have to have HIV first. And when your immune system can't fight off diseases anymore then it causes AIDS.The incubation for AIDS is 15 years left untreated 12 years....thats including life with HIV and Aids together.
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You mite not have I heard of a couple that was married for 4yrs he was aids pos. So was neg.he never told her he had hes in jail. If you didnt no he had it an told you after you had sex you can have him arrested.

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