How Do You Know If You Have Aids?


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Initially a person might not develop any symptoms, but as the virus continues to weaken the immune system, he might develop the following symptoms;

Lack of energy
Weight loss
Frequent fevers and sweats
Persistent or frequent yeast infections
Persistent skin rashes or flaky skin
Short-term memory loss
Mouth, genital, or anal sores from herpes infections
For detail visit HIV symptoms.
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I don't have a picture of AIDS victim but I tell you it is horrible. Because the person having AIDS not only looses weight but also he is prone to have many type of infection because of damage to immune system. Even a flu in these patients can lead to death.
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Not sure what good a picture will do but yes some do get sores, some do not.  All aids victims do not have failing health as quickly as others. The thing about aids is that your immune system is wack and every little thing that non-affected people get will be life threatening to them.  If they do have sores their chances of contracting a disease is greater.  Please keep in contact with her even on the phone. You can make her last days a bit brighter. My prayers to your family.
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They appear as whatever disease gets to them first. AIDS in itself is not quite a disease; it merely opens the door for everything harmless to become deadly. Sores mean bacterial infections usually, while others become anemic, cough, get organ infections, blood infections, and so on. It is very individual.
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As every one has already said AIDS is a disease where the WBC's(a subgroup called CD4+ T-Helper cells) are damaged by HIV and subsequently the immune system weaken and in turn gets highly prone to every possible disease that can be in human history or that may be in future. An AIDS infected person will of coarse look really worn out wit diarrheoa,fever ,cancer ,tuberculosis,and more of all memory damage and loss of intelligence which are one of the opportunistic diseases that top their list .
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Get a test. And if you have the virus you will be considered to be HIV positive for which you can have treatment before full blown AIDS kicks in. It's not the killer it used to be because of modern medicine.
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They look like evryone .. The time the aids changes your looks your in the hosp. Or home in bed.

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