How Long Does The HIV Virus Live Outside The Body?


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The easy answer is that HIV requires living cells to persist - so exposure to air will typically result in cell death within hours. The only exception to this is in the case where a larger volume of blood is spilled, and then the cells in the center of the pool will be preserved for a longer period of time. But the general answer to the typical small cut and blood contact is that the virus survives very poorly outside the body and is probably of minimal risk as soon as the blood dries (minutes to hours depending on the volume of the spill or cut).
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I got stuck with a lancet from someone who has hiv but the lancet was used and out in the open for about five min could I have caught something
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As soon as air hits it it dies.
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I brushed my teeth with my friend's tooth brush by mistake and she has Hiv. She used it the day before I did! What should I do or I don't have to worry about it.
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The HIV virus is a fragile virus once outside the body. Its lifespan is like moments. Not like the cold virus some of which, can live days outside the body.
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HIV can not live alive longer out side then host. It loses its infectiousness within 2 hours and become totally non infectious in 8 hours.
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Can a person get HIV/AIDS from a dead person's ashes if they accidentally swallow their ashes and the person who swollowed it has bleeding gums? The deceased person had AIDS and has been dead for 9 years.
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When it contacts air, it dies. Even though it is easily spread by unprotected sex, it has to be a perfect environment for it to transfer to another human. And it is found that thru UNPROTECTED sex is the MAIN way to contract the disease. ALWAYS have Safe SEx with EVERYONE!
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No I believe this lives inside the body.The person with HIV can not give it to you by touching its only through the fluids like blood saliva semen.So I don't believe it does that would make it air borne wouldn't it.  

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