I Took An Hiv Test And It Was Negative, But My Husband's Was Positive. Is That Possible?


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Very possible I know of someone who got into a relationship with someone who was HIV positive got married have been together for more than five years and says that they have never protected himself and she is still negative.....In no way do I advice any one to go out and try their luck I've only heard of this one case and now yours....My advice to you is that we all make mistakes and maybe he made one BUT maybe he didn't who knows .....but he needs you right now and I think you should try and be there for him always protecting yourself of course but this is only my opinion good luck sweety!!!!
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Just read this and it is 2 close to home. I am n a relationship for more than a year. My boyfriend had not been with anyone for at least 5 years before, and now as we have planned to move forward with our relationship, he is told by the VA that he is VIV positive...I
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Yes it is possible some people have had relationships with infected parties but have come out negative
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Yes it can be very possible that your hiv test is negative and your husband test is positive.This could be due to many reasons including your husband having extra marital affair.But do not jump to conclusions just yet and openly discuss with your husband.

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