Could Cramping And Lower Back Pain Be An Early Sign Of Pregnancy?


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It can be.  I cramped a lot before I found out I was pregnant, so naturally I thought I was going to start my period and didn't.  Best way to know is to get tested.
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Welcome to the club I'm irregular to and its hard to know if you are or not prego!!! Your cycle might come on but later on down the road but take a test to make sure. I hate the guessing game myself good luck
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Not necessarily, it could be something like spastic bowels, which means a bubble of gas gets trapped and causes cramps and pain. If its bad or continues I recommend seeing a DR.
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If I am cramping with a pain in my lower back and have had a pink-like discharge after my period, what could this imply?
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Cramping and lower back pain are among many signs of pregnancy. More important thing is to observe is that If you ovulated and had sex in those days then chances of pregnancy are high. You should wait for due dates of periods and if missed then get pregnancy test.

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