Could Heart Burn And Menstrual Like Cramping, And Lower Back Pain Be An Early Sign Of Pregnancy?


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Those certainly are signs of pregnancy!!! I have a child, and my body went through the exact same thing before I found out I was pregnant!! I don't know where you get your information from, but it is very wrong. Besides those symptoms I have listed, I am in perfect health, and have been told so very recently by my doctor.
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I am having some of the same symptoms and I was wondering if I could also be pregnant as well because I am having breast tenderness on and off and severe nausea, as well as low back pain on and off I was experiencing some dull aching in my stomach but has stopped my period is not due until tommorow but I usually cramp and show some signs that I am getting ready to start but so far nothing but the nausea and the extreme tired feeling, I will find out monday if I am pregnant or not hope things go well with you
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Be careful Madame! This is not necessary that every pain which you get is the sign of pregnancy. Kindly make it sure to you. The different signs you've mentioned are not signs of pregnancy. In fact you're suffering due to heavy load of work or probably you're trying to do the work more than you can do it.

You've mentioned that the burning sensation in the heart and the cramping. And you're looking it as a sing of pregnancy but basically it is not the sign of pregnancy. But it is the sign that you're not in good health. Especially it is very clear from the last statement of your question that you also feel the pain in your lower back. So you must be careful about it and basically it not the sign of pregnancy. You must make your complete checkup to some specialist doctor. So that he/she can diagnose your problem.

So the signs you've mentioned in your questions are not the signs of pregnancy in general view. But to make it sure that either you're pregnant or not you can contact some gynecologist. I hope he/she can assure you that you're pregnant or not.

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