Is Cramping And Pain In Uterus And Abdomen A Sign Of Pregnancy?


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Cramping is definately a sign of pregnancy it is completely normal to cramp. It is a sign of your uterus expanding. This other answer is completely false look it up youll see
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Absolutely not. Pregnancy would be a very unlikely answer to all that cramping & pain. Unless you were about to spontaneously abort ?
Since I don't know your full story...I'd guess that it's likely, more from menstrual cramps, Ovulation, or some other complication going on in that area.

Pregnancy does not cause pain, until your actually giving birth, Patsyboo.
Not if it's a normal one.
If you think your pregnant, please take an at home test for your own curiosity. Then see a doctor soon after if it's positive.

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Not really, could just be indigestion

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