I Have Red Blotches All Over My Body That Look Almost Like Pains, When Relaxed They Go Away, As Soon As Start Any Motion They Come Back, What Could It Be?


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Red blotches all over the body can be due to allergy to food or allergic reaction of some medicines. But you are having a typical case of itchy blotches which appear when you walk. Most probably you are having cholinergic urticaria. This is a condition which occur when body temperature is increased causing blotches and itching. Another possible reason is allergy to clothes which you wear which cause irritations.
It will be good to see a dermatologist and get properly diagnosed and then start treatment.
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It doesn't itch, I'm also taking medication for parkinsons, i haven't changed med's in 8 month the meds aremirapex, amantadine( substituted for symmetrel) selegiline ( substituted for eldepryl) i don't have health insurance that's why I'm asking questions. Thank you for your help

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