What do you think of suicide?


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That some people think it's their only way out, and that it'll solve all of their problem, when really, their IS another way out. There's help, and they should speak up.
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Forest Lone
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I agree, there is always another way out, but "no hope" blinds them to the other door. That is why they need other people, to point to the other door they can not see.
Amy Wong
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Yes, you are right. Life is irreversible.
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A thought that builds up in an individuals mind as the only form of relief or escape. One may believe it's the best way to simply remove from the negative yet, it inflicts much more negativity. Suicide in my perspective, is an act that utterly deals with the constant loss of hope/faith. Yet, giving up is not the answer.

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An escape or door out where there is no hope in the game of life
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The human mind is complex sometimes it can have problems not unlike the ones we are using,so it is best not to judge people who do take thier lives,
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Hilary Newton
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Ignore that answer missed out a few words,
Tony Newcastle
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Notwithstanding, I think you got your point across well enough. The human mind IS very complex, and it IS wrong for anyone to sit in judgement upon those who, for whatever strange reason(s), decide that they can no longer go on.
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I have had two very close friends commit suicide one a young woman about 30 years ago another a very religious man 12 years ago. When you lose very close and trusted friends like they were it smashes into you like a steam train and leaves a whole in you life that is very hard to fill. I understand there reasons and both had very differant reasons and both very troubled people, they are at peace now and God bless them both.
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Used to think it was selfish,but now i think if you havent been in that position you shouldnt have an opinion on it well you can but is onen thing to have an oppinion and the other to make fun or say "Your trying to get attention" cas they CLEARLY arent they are jst upset/depressed cut them slack!x
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A bad excuse not to face things and solve the problems one might have
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The fastest but unhelpful way out of a problem i think such person needs the help of a phscology

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